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Bernardo F. A. Mingarelli

Bernardo F.A. Mingarelli is a teacher, classical historian of Late Roman Antiquity and a natural leader. He has 6 years of teaching Latin and Roman History, 3 years of educational development at Carleton University where he obtained his undergraduate degree in Greek and Roman Studies with Highest Honours, and 1 year of teaching English as a second language for the Board of Education in South Korea, Jeolla province as well as over 1000+ hours of leading 10 – 40 person raids in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft and 200+ hours of leading 12 – 100 person platoons in SOE’s Planetside 1 & 2. He is currently doing his Master’s degree at the University of Ottawa in Late Antiquities with a fully-funded scholarship, has published multiple non-peer reviewed articles and one historical fiction. He enjoys playing and creating computer games, learning about internet cybersecurity and computer hardware, and creative writing.

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